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MentorHub is an initiative of CareerAid Organisation Mentorship Service established in 2014. MentorHub is an online platform that brings together high profile experienced professionals with up and coming talent in a mentee-mentor relationship which will foster networking and relationship building. Transcending geographic boundaries, MentorHub can foster meaningful collaboration and unlock the potential talent of aspiring great men and women. The system also supports the growing number of graduates and mentors keen to take advantage of the benefits of career mentoring.

After discovering that a lot of people face enormous challenges to succeed in their career and business pathways, MentorHub was founded to overcome these challenges by connecting motivated and compatible mentors who can provide critical skills, knowledge and motivation to mentees.

Mission Statement:

Bringing together experienced professionals with potential talent in a mentee-mentor relationship thereby fostering learning, networking and relationship building.

Physical Address:

15 Westminster court,
146 Kwame Nkurumah
Harare, Zimbabwe Southern Africa

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